Spring Cleaning: Scrub, Shine and Sell!

The sky is blue, the sun is bright and the forsythia is blooming. Time to cue the annual ritual: spring cleaning.

But with a “For Sale” sign in your life, it’s also time to ratchet up the spit-spot drill. When you’re selling a house, making a good first impression happens only once, and a clean, sparkling home (new, old, renovated or fixer-upper) does just that—all for only sweat equity. So clean, clean, clean.

Bring out the big guns, a.k.a., the obsessive-compulsive cleaning genes. Banish those dust bunnies left and right until every nook, corner, counter, floor—well, you get the idea—is spotless. Although focusing on those biggies is critical, sweat the small stuff too. Prepare Your House For Sale suggests that little things pay off in a big way.

Take the basement. Dust the electrical panel box and clean/sweep the concrete floor thoroughly until you can walk on it barefoot. Not that you would, but potential buyers will be impressed and will remember that they could.

Polish front door hardware until it gleams. Inside, vigorously attack switch plates, doorknobs, cupboard door handles and mirrors, too. Bleach that tile grout.

Organize everything behind closed doors is the recommendation from About.com. With kitchen cabinets/pantries, for example, alphabetize spices and stack all dishes neatly with cup handles facing the same way.

Let there be light. Lose the window screens and wash those panes inside and out. Hire someone if necessary. The amount of light streaming through streak-free, screenless windows will amaze you and impress buyers.

The final tip is, of course, to keep the cleaning frenzy going until the dotted line is signed.

If you’re interested in the value of your property or need help in preparing your home for sale…please contact me today.


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