The Key to a Successful Short Sale – AN EXPERIENCED REALTOR – I’m not afraid of a little short sale!!!

Other than assisting in the sale or purchase of properties, I also specialize in Short Sales. Having overseen hundreds of them myself, I have the knowledge and experience to help you short sell your property. Before a lender will even consider a short sale most require that the property is listed, thus that is the first step you must take. I know the process very well and can work with you to gather the proper paperwork, have a BPO performed on your property, negotiate with your lender, and sell your property so that you can get relief and move on! If you work with a Realtor who is not afraid of short sales and knows the step by step process involved in doing a short sale…then the entire course of a short sale can be quite painless. The idea is to help you, rather than make things more difficult and that is what I can do for you! Please feel free to contact me any time for assistance!

If you find yourself facing any of the following scenarios…please call me:

• Are your mortgage payments skyrocketing?
• Are you upside down on your loan?
• Have you been denied a loan modification?
• Are you facing foreclosure?
• Would you like to minimize damage to your credit and dispose of your debt?
• Do you want solutions towards to a fresh start?

Your home should be a source of peace and happiness…not stress and uncertainty!


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